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Why Blogs And SEO Will Always Be Related

Why Blogs And SEO Will Always Be Related

Why Blogs And SEO Will Always Be Related


People who are interested in SEO and the Google algorithm in Los Angeles can spend days learning new techniques for getting sites to rank. They can use analytics tools, and they can meticulously study the way that people interact with their websites.


There’s nothing wrong with dissecting a site to see where it needs improvement, but it’s a good way to drive yourself crazy, too. You should arrange your site as simply as possible, zeroing in on intuitive user experience, easy navigation, and focused content. That brings us to the blog, a humble but useful feature that you should always have on your website.


Let’s look at some reasons to focus on your blog that you may not have taken the time to consider.


You Can Expound on Topics that are Important to Your Niche


Social media can be a useful tool for marketing, Los Angeles, and you should be using it. However, it’s not the place where you can write an essay about a topic in your niche and easily feature it. Social media is for sound bites, quick bullet points that convey broader ideas.


Your blog is the place where you can talk more at length about topics in your niche that are of interest to you, and presumably to your fan base as well.


That is why they should be the backbone of your SEO strategy. They’re where you establish your expertise. You can have more extended content as part of your blog, and if it’s compelling enough, it will get noticed, both by Google and your fans.


Farm It Out


If your objection to writing blogs is that you feel like they’re too time-consuming, you’re not alone in thinking that way. Google likes blogs that are 2,000 words plus, and it’s tough to crank those out on a consistent basis.


However, you probably have a relationship with an SEO company, and you can add this to their list of chores. If they’re already handling your social media and your website optimization, there is no reason they should not be able to write some blogs for you as well.


Work with them to come up with a list of topics, and have them produce at least one new blog for you per week. They should concentrate on quality, not quantity. It’s not going to be helpful if you have new blogs every day, but they seem sloppy and hastily written.


Each one of your blogs should generate buzz when it comes out. It should be a noteworthy occasion. If your blogs touch something in the reader, if they make them laugh, if they answer a burning question that they had, then you’re doing well, Los Angeles.


This is how you generate new sales. You make people notice your brand and what you have to say.