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Why Does Humanizing Your Los Angeles Business Matter?

Why Does Humanizing Your Los Angeles Business Matter?

Why Does Humanizing Your Los Angeles Business Matter?


When you start up a business, you should have a plan for it, Los Angeles.


You should know what products you’re going to make, what services you’re going to offer, and how and where the manufacturing is going to occur. You should have some idea of how you want your first six months to go, and your first twelve, and twenty-four. Maybe you’re going to reach those goals, and perhaps you won’t, but it all starts with a plan and a dream.


By hiring an SEO company, you stand a better chance of making that dream a reality. They will know all about how to optimize your website, use your social media feeds to grow your following, and how to write compelling blogs for you.


But there is one area where some SEO agencies are lacking, and it’s an important one. You need to find yourself an SEO agency that knows how to humanize your company.


Why Does This Matter?


When we speak about humanizing your company, Los Angeles, what we are talking about is you presenting yourself in a way which makes you out to be one of the little people. You don’t want to seem like a giant, faceless corporation that happens to make pizza, or dog shampoo, or whatever other services or products you provide.


People don’t like to buy from faceless companies. It makes the whole transaction seem impersonal and cold. In reality, if they are buying from a company and they never met the people who was responsible for creating the product that they are attaining, then it is an impersonal transaction, but it doesn’t have to seem that way.


If your advertising and the way your SEO agency presents your company is carefully orchestrated, Los Angeles, then you can make it seem as though there is a personal connection between you and the customer, even if none truly exists. That is the essence of humanizing your company. It’s about making your customers feel like they’re buying something from a friend.


How Can This Be Achieved?


There are several ways that your SEO company can try to present your business in a way that your followers will find the most palatable. If they can make your store seem like a small startup, a mom-and-pop operation, that is a useful appearance to cultivate, whether it is an accurate representation or not.


For instance, they can write your bio and the “about us” section of your website in such a way that it seems like your company came from humble beginnings. Of course, in many circumstances this is true, so it is not as though you’re being deceptive.


They can also feature lots of pictures on the site and your social media feeds that show your employees enjoying their jobs. They can write blogs that reveal some of the ways that your company has made connections with the local community.


They can also respond quickly and in character to any comments made about your company and products through social media or directly on your site. They should try for a particular voice, the voice of your brand. You should meet with them to talk about how you envision that voice sounding.


Making your company out to be wholesome and caring is one of the more essential SEO services that your agency can provide, Los Angeles. It shouldn’t be too difficult. In all probability, you are wholesome and caring. You just have to be sure that your SEO company is going out of its way to show that.