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Why You Need to Prioritize Mobile Marketing Fast

Why You Need to Prioritize Mobile Marketing Fast

Why You Need to Prioritize Mobile Marketing Fast


These days, people start their days by looking at new notifications on their phones and end the day by scrolling mindlessly on social media. Just like all the jokes the older generations like to crack, people do stay on their phones too dang much.

That’s not a bad thing, though. According to an SEO company in Los Angeles, nobody can deny the impact mobile devices have had on us. You can connect with loved ones, learn new things, play games, and shop until you drop with a device not much bigger than the palm of your hand.

In years past, marketers spent a ton of money on TV and billboard advertising. Nowadays, though? It’s all about mobile marketing!

In this article, we’ll be discussing why mobile marketing is so important for budding businesses.


You Can Connect with Customers Anytime, Anywhere

The biggest advantage of mobile marketing is how convenient it is. Unless your customers got no battery, then you can pretty much reach them whenever and wherever they may be, as almost everybody these days takes a smartphone with them.

You can take an extra step and personalize your mobile marketing campaign. By analyzing user data, you can figure out what particular customers want and where and when they need it. For example, you can market your new clothing line’s summer collection to customers in Los Angeles.

More often than not, your customers will appreciate this personalization. It’s like you’re providing what they want before they even realize they need it.  

There are Multiple Marketing Channels

Did you know that the mobile world is a very diverse and versatile one? You can plan out your marketing strategy in any of the following channels:

Mobile Websites

Because over half of today’s web searches are done through mobile devices, business owners must convert to a mobile-first design. This is so mobile users can still enjoy a great shopping experience even off of the computer.

Mobile Apps

Many of today’s mobile users spend most of their time browsing through some kind of app. Whether it’s a social media, messaging, gaming, or organizational app, marketers can use it to their advantage by engaging with their customers there.

For example, many game app developers have started partnering with Twitch streamers to promote their games.

Text Messages

While the era of text messages is gradually dying out, Los Angeles SEO experts still say that it’s a decent avenue to advertise your products. You’re probably not going to see as much success as on mobile, but it’s not going to harm you or your business in any way.

QR Codes

QR codes, on the other hand, are slowly growing in popularity. Rather than type a URL, users can just scan the QR code and get taken to a website. If you have physical advertisements such as banners or flyers, it would be a good idea to have a QR code instead.

Advertisements on Games

People can get very into their favorite games, so why not steal a bit of attention by adding an advert in there? You don’t have to do it as they’re playing—a little advert between levels will do, otherwise, you’re just hassling them.

There is a Growing Demand for Mobile Marketing

Smartphones and tablets used to be pretty expensive. Nowadays, however, they’re relatively affordable because of the multitude of new manufacturers and cost-effective data plans. This makes it more accessible to those even with financial instabilities.

As this continues to happen, the demand for mobile marketing will rise. There’ll be more people for you to market your products to, leading to more conversion opportunities. Thus, you need to hop on the mobile marketing train as soon as possible.

It Boosts Your Search Rankings

Since the release of Google’s mobile-first indexing update, websites with a mobile-first or mobile-friendly design have been ranking higher than websites that don’t have them. This means that mobile-optimized content can and will boost your rankings by a lot. Today is prime time for you to do so as many websites have yet even to begin considering mobile-friendly versions of their sites.

Additionally, many websites that link to and from their social media channels tend to rank higher than those that don’t. This relates to mobile marketing as many users browse popular social media sites like Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube on their smart devices. So, if they come across your social media profile but have no easy way of accessing your website, that’s a missed opportunity. You need to link all of your socials together to prevent that.


It goes without much saying that mobile marketing will continue to flourish and grow exponentially soon. Brands that don’t utilize its benefits will be quickly left behind, making it harder for them to succeed. So, if you truly care about connecting with your customers at any place at any time, then you should start mobile marketing today!

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