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Your Los Angeles SEO Company Can Help With Your Facebook Ads

Your Los Angeles SEO Company Can Help With Your Facebook Ads

Your Los Angeles SEO Company Can Help With Your Facebook Ads


Los Angeles companies that are launching ad campaigns of any significant scope often hire an SEO company. The logic is simple enough. There are so many details with a campaign of this nature, and agencies that specialize in this type of work will leave no aspect of it to chance. They will do the market research needed before you begin. They can select the social media platforms to target. They can create the ads themselves, and then they can monitor their progress to see if those ads are performing up to par.


Though some users have lost faith in Facebook, it remains one of the most viable advertising options as far as social media platforms go. Let’s examine the ad formats they have available.

Photo Ads


These types of ads are especially useful for the showcasing of new products or services, Los Angeles. If your business is about to have a product launch, this is a way to drum up some anticipation for it. Along with a photo, the ad can also feature 125 characters of text, a link description, and a headline. Facebook Business Manager can be used for the creation of these ads.


Video Ads


Social media users love visual content, and engagement with video ads is at an all-time high. There are several different versions of Facebook video ads that your internet marketing agency can create, and they will need to determine which one works best for your brand. You can do a short ad intended for mobile viewing, or a promoted video of up to 240 minutes designed to be watched on a desktop. Before you decide what sort of video makes the most sense for you, you’ll need to have an excellent understanding of your niche and what form of advertising they are most likely to appreciate.


Carousel Ads


A Google carousel ad is a unique concept. It lets you feature up to 10 videos or images all in the same ad. Each one has its own link. These are great for showing the step-by-step process of how a product is made, for example. You can also present multiple new or different products that way.


Facebook remains the platform with the most engagement worldwide, so no internet marketing agency in Los Angeles can rightfully ignore it. You’ll need to sit down with your agency and talk to them about their vision for your Facebook ads, and they will doubtless be eager to get some feedback and input from you as well.