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Your SEO Company Can Spearhead a Powerful PPC Ad Campaign for You

Your SEO Company Can Spearhead a Powerful PPC Ad Campaign for You

Your SEO Company Can Spearhead a Powerful PPC Ad Campaign for You


If you’re a business based in Los Angeles and you’re ready to shake up your sales numbers as we head toward the second quarter of 2019, then it’s highly likely that you’ve hired an SEO company. It makes sense to do so. SEO and marketing are intrinsically linked at this point, and it’s a superior marketing strategy that equals more sales.

It could be that most of your budget has gone toward the hiring of the SEO company, and now you’re relying on them to optimize your site and run your social media platforms. But what about a PPC ad campaign? If you still have the money in the budget for it, then it is absolutely worth considering, as your SEO company is likely to tell you. So what is it about PPC ad campaigns that make them worth the money you’re spending on them?

What Makes PPC Ad Campaigns Worth It

The reason that PPC ad campaigns are so appealing is that they’re ads which you set up that will appear on various social media feeds according to people’s interests. Let’s say that you’re a company that designs and sells women’s shoes, and a woman on Facebook often posts about fashion and showcases footwear that is similar to what you make. Through analytics, you can target that person and have your ads show up on their screen when they’re spending time on Facebook.

On first consideration, it seems as though some people might not like this sort of targeted advertising. After all, Facebook has had some privacy issues, and there’s an idea that showing ads based on someone’s Facebook posts is somehow the equivalent of spying on them. However, research indicates that more people like targeted advertising than those who find it offensive or intrusive. More people appreciate that they’re being shown ads for things in which they have an interest than those who are bothered by it.

On top of that, as your Los Angeles SEO company is sure to point out, the ads are pay-per-click, meaning that you only shell out any money if someone clicks on your ad and goes to your website or sees more details about your offer. Those who don’t like targeted advertising can simply ignore your ads, in which case you pay nothing. It’s a virtually foolproof system.

The Best PPC Ad Content

Once you’ve figured out that you want to launch a PPC ad campaign, the next step is going to be huddling with your SEO company to figure out what your ads are going to resemble. The formatting for most PPC ads isn’t going to be too radical. There’s a proven formula, and while there may be some slight variations, the basic concept is that you’re showing the product or service along with the price.

However, little differences in PPC ads often prove to be more significant than you might initially expect. Let’s say that your Los Angeles SEO company comes up with four different variations of a PPC ad for the same product. Two of them have slightly different colors, while for the other two it’s the font that’s been changed. One of the four seems to get far more clicks than the other three. What is it about that ad that’s getting so much of a better reception?

You could theorize that it’s because of the change in font or color. For whatever reason, the potential customers in your niche like that lettering or that color shade more. At this point, it’s only a theory, but you can start to compile a profile for the kinds of ads that your customers seem to like the longer you run these PPC campaigns.

Cost-Effective PPC Campaigns

The real trick, of course, is that you’re trying to figure out what ads get the most engagement as quickly as possible. You’ll need to go beyond what ads are getting the most clicks and figure out which ones are getting the most conversions, which is your ultimate goal for the campaign.

Because of this, you should always get yourself an SEO company that has extensive experience running previous PPC campaigns. You should ask them for empirical evidence that their technique for getting your company sales works. They should be able to show you examples of other businesses for which they have done this sort of thing successfully.

You First Campaign, and Later Ones

With your first campaign, you should try and work out a realistic number for how many clicks you want to see and how many sales you want as the result of those clicks. If your numbers are wildly inaccurate then next time you can refine them so that they’re more on track with what you can expect.

If you outperform your expectations the first time, then that’s great, but chances are this is an area where you will need to see gradual improvement as time goes by. Your SEO company should be able to keep refining your ads till you get to the point where you’re hitting new highs in engagement and sales.

It could very well be that you’re so pleased with your Los Angeles SEO company that you keep them on and continue to have a fruitful relationship with them for months or years. If you find that your sales remain woefully inadequate after a couple of PPC campaigns, though, then it’s probably time to cut bait and get a new SEO company.

Sooner or later you need production from them, and what you can’t afford to have happen is for your PPC ad campaigns to become money pits from which you consistently aren’t getting the results for which you’d hoped.

Much like advertising itself, the PPC ad campaign can be a double-edged sword. If it’s done right, then it’s going to be tremendously beneficial for your company. Done wrong and it can be a source of great frustration as you keep working on getting brand recognition and market penetration.