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Your SEO Company Should Know What Leads To Social Media Success

Your SEO Company Should Know What Leads To Social Media Success

Your SEO Company Should Know What Leads To Social Media Success


You might have brought your Los Angeles SEO company on board because you want them to build your collection of links, or perhaps it’s to rewrite some of your product pages that aren’t seeing the engagement numbers you’d like. Maybe you need them to spearhead your email marketing campaign or shoot some videos for your YouTube channel.


It is highly likely, though, that you need them to do something for you, if not many things, in the realm of social media. Most Los Angeles businesses understand that they need to be active on social media to get the market penetration that leads to sales. Lucky for them, there are lots of SEO agencies that specialize in social media and have expertise in many of the different platforms.


Part of what these agencies understand is that transparency on social media is what leads to brand loyalty. If your company fails to be transparent, then you’re not going to be able to make that connection which leads to repeat business. Because of that, we thought we’d take a moment to talk about how transparency through social media can best be achieved.


Admitting Mistakes


There isn’t anything more important than this when you’re trying to establish a rapport with your fans, Los Angeles. You can put your SEO company in charge of your social media campaigns, and they may consider themselves to be experts, but they might make a mistake at some point, or you might make one.


When that happens, use social media to own up to it. Companies are composed of humans, and humans screw up sometimes. If you’re open and honest with your followers on social media, it will make you seem relatable.


Honesty in Your Responses to Custom Questions


This is another area where you can either connect with your followers or alienate them. When someone asks you a question via social media about your company, services, or products, the best thing to do is to answer them truthfully. Truth and transparency go hand in hand, and you can’t lie to your customers or mislead them if you are looking to build trust.


Prices of Products and Services


It is irritating to customers when you mention services or products on your social media feeds, but then you neglect to say how much they cost. Making the customer go to your website or your brick-and-mortar location to find out isn’t going to be to their liking. Be upfront about what you’re charging. Your followers will appreciate it.


If your SEO company pays attention to all of these areas, then you should do well, Los Angeles. Your followers will feel a connection to you, and they should be willing to give you repeat business. The value of a loyal customer cannot be exaggerated. Strive at all times to create those relationships through your social media.