E-commerce Company


The Challenge

A high-end e-commerce company, selling a large dollar health product came to Drive Traffic Media in September of 2015. Their website was ranked on page 25 for their most trafficked keywords in their industry on Google and they had been working with an SEO company for 15 months prior with no results.

The Strategy

Drive Traffic Media decided that the best plan to start with would be through Organic Marketing. Blogs would be written that targeted specific keywords and contained links back to the client’s website to help their ranking on Google.

The Results

After only 4 months, the company rose to page 1 and 2 of Google through Organic Marketing with Drive Traffic Media. The result of the ranking has given them a longer click through rate (meaning the organic traffic from Google has an average of 3 to 5 min of time on the site) and the bounce rate has decreased by 50% (meaning visitors have not left the site in under 2 seconds by 50%). The ranking on Google and true relevant content creation had increased their sales by 300%, with their online sales exceeding $90,000 in that 4 months working with Drive Traffic Media (DTM). After the great return on investment, the client engaged in a social media management campaign with DTM and the result was great with an increase in social media traffic by 400%, helping sales increase by 30%. 6 months later, they increased their marketing budget from $2,497 to $4,497 and have increased their Google AdWords and Paid Social Media ads too. Their website has improved their position through their brand awareness, got immediate sales and recovered lost revenue due to search engine optimization. We estimate that they have generated an increase in sales of $140,000 revenue due to DTM’s highly effective marketing.