Product & Industrial Design Company



In September of 2017 a product and industrial design firm came to Drive Traffic Media wanting to bring in more leads but was not ranking locally for keywords that his potential clients were searching for.

The Strategy

A campaign of Google adwords and Organic SEO that targeted the keywords that potential clients were already searching for was implemented to help bring in more leads.

The Results

After 8 months of working with Drive Traffic Media the company is now ranking locally on Google on page 1 of Google through Organic SEO. Their ranking through Google AdWords has improved and they are now ranking at an average position of 1.7. Due to the improved ranking, their website bounce rate has decreased by 30%, which means that more people are staying on their site for longer than 2 seconds. The client was able to hire a new employee after being a one man operation for 4 years. He has also moved into a larger office space in order to have more room for the amount of projects he is working on.