Judge Netting



Judge Netting has been in business for over 20 years which is amazing in itself but many times that leaves a website that has not been updated for many years. The website was not mobile responsive and really did not have a call to action. The website was also not SEO friendly and lacked the right keywords on the pages that should be optimized properly.

The Strategy

Our strategy was first to listen to the client and ask the right questions so that we can get a game plan together to bring in more clients. Judge Netting installs beautiful barriers that keep roads, houses and many other structures safe from golf balls. We saw an opportunity to use these amazing golf courses and the main attraction to draw potential clients into the website and make it sticky, meaning keeping the website visitor on the site longer than before. The goal was to keep the visitor on the website longer while decreasing the bounce rate. Great copywriting with breathtaking photos will help give a better message for potential customers to call or fill out forms on the mobile responsive website with ease. Many of the potential customers are viewing on a mobile device with iPhones and Androids, so it was imperative to implement an ease of use with mobile browsers. Easy click to call and easy to use forms on the mobile device was one of the main goals as most of the potential customers are out maintaining the golf courses and not behind a desktop computer.

The Results

Through the design and development implemented with the new website by Drive Traffic Media, the client is ecstatic with his results and potential clients spend much less time on the phone with the sales department because the information is now displayed clear on the website and is to the point. One of the main issues from before was that the website was not mobile responsive and now the result is the potential clients have a great experience as it’s easy to read text that gestures to any size screen on their smartphones. CEO Dan Judge is ecstatic with his results with the new design and how many compliments he gets and most of all the new clients he is getting that he never had before.