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How to Do Restaurant Marketing the Right Way


 If you’re looking to get more butts in your seats at your restaurant, then online marketing is definitely the avenue you want to take. Here at Drive ...

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The Origins of SEO


You are already familiar with Los Angeles SEO and why it is the key to drive traffic and customers to your website, but how much do you know about its...

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How To Secure Your Niche In Social Media With The Help Of A Digital Marketing Agency In Los Angeles


When you’re engaged in digital marketing, it’s one thing to try and appeal to everyone at once, but a smart digital marketer will instead ...

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Why Graphic Design is Important


Graphic design has become an essential part of digital marketing. The simplicity of graphically designed images used to promote certain aspects of bus...

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What Are The Latest Developments in the Digital Marketing Industry?


A smart digital marketing campaign consists of two very important factors: paid ads and SEO. Anything else (social media management, email marketing, ...

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How to Get More YouTube Views: 10 Tactics That Really Work


According to Drive Traffic Media, a digital marketing agency in Los Angeles, getting views on a Youtube channel will allow you to get the best respons...

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5 Methods To Get Email Addresses From The Landing Page


Many digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles use landing pages as their go-to way of making direct sales online that aims at conversion. Just a quic...

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Email Marketing Tips To Boost B2B Sales


In a world where everything is constantly changing, no matter what happens, Drive Traffic Media, a digital marketing agency in Los Angeles, will recom...

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5 Psychological Tactics That Marketers Need To Know


Most of the marketers at the digital marketing agency in Los Angeles are not psychologists, but it is essential to employ psychology to retain custome...

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Seven Email Marketing Tips To Increase B2B Sales This 2020


Driving sales, lead generation, or branding & marketing, any of it can be your business goal when it comes to email. In a world where everything i...

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